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No Referral Required

$219 Consultation

$149 Follow-up Visits

All Visits are a one-on-one personalized Video Visit with a Board-Certified Canadian Dermatologist

Insurance receipt provided

At this time, we do not direct-bill any insurance

All Hair Loss visits receive 10% off any purchase at the DermCafé Shop. Email to get your Shop Code

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Why is there a fee?

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Saskatchewan are severely lacking Dermatologists. Despite this, your provincial healthcare does not insure virtual care provided by Dermatologists outside these provinces.

Sometimes your skin concern just can't wait for months or years. We offer this service for individuals looking to connect with a Dermatologist within a reasonable time frame - one week.

Your voice matters! Please express your concern with these outdated policies to your local representative:

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick


Live Wait-Times


Next Available Time

Nova Scotia

Next Available Derm in Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

Next Available Derm in New Brunswick


Next Available Derm in Saskatchewan

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